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  1. E-Image EL-7060-A2 Tripod Kit

    E-Image EL-7060-A2 Tripod Kit

    Rp 4.600.000,00
    E-IMAGE Video tripod kits are suitable for various of video and integrative camcorder.In accordance with different requirements,the can be used for News and Film taking.The versatile fluid head and professional aluminum alloy or carbon fiber tripod will bring the unprecedented coziness. 
    Innovative design and special appearance can give you a glimpse.Unforgettable figure and sheen will make you feel its unque charm as like customized for you professionally.
    The kits were measured and researched by our engineers from many aspects,and ensured in accordance with different users’ demands.Specialization,whenever and wherever,you can comveniently manipulate and record the best story for your life
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  2. E-Image EG-03A2 Tripod Kit

    E-Image EG-03A2 Tripod Kit

    Rp 2.100.000,00
    Features :
    • Supports 9lbs 4kg
    • 75mm ball
    • 3-Section Leg Design with Mono-Lock Design
    • Height Range 26 to 61Variable Friction Drag
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  3. E-IMAGE MA-80 Aluminum Monopod

    E-IMAGE MA-80 Aluminum Monopod

    Rp 1.700.000,00


    • Transport Height 81mm
    • Working Height 200mm
    • Weight 2kg
    • Playload 6 kg
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  4. E-IMAGE Sliding Plate P-1 / GP-1

    E-IMAGE Sliding Plate P-1 / GP-1

    Rp 250.000,00


    • Video camera plate for fluid head 706H serie with pin, 1/4" and 3/8" screws
    • size 120x47x10mm
    • N.W : 0.1kg
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  5. E-IMAGE Double slider es35

    E-IMAGE Double slider es35

    Rp 3.375.000,00


    • Dimensions (HxWxD)(MM) : 350x135x90mm/13.8"x5.3"x3.5"
    • Sliding range on tripod (mm) : 440mm/17.3"
    • sliding range on ground (mm) : 220mm/8.7"
    • Net Weight (g) : 1700g/3.8lbs
    • capacity (kg) : 20kg/44.1lbs
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