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  1. iFootageHummingbird eGimbal G1 for gopro

    iFootageHummingbird eGimbal G1 for gopro

    Rp 2.750.000,00
    Product Highlights

    The iFootage eGimbal G1 is made of the aluminum alloy and engineering plastic, combines the high performance of the brushless gimbal and the stability technique of the latest gyroscope. Which would provide a best preformance for eGimbal. Moreover, iFootage eGimbal G1 is covered all the wires and components with a plastic shell, which would protect the machine from outside damages when using it, also it would make its appearance more artistic.
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  2. Ifootage Mini Crane M2

    Ifootage Mini Crane M2

    Rp 4.322.500,00

    the M1 II mini crane, weighing in only at 1.52Kg but able to extend to 200cm with 120cm radius, this lightweight crane can surely reach far for its weight. Thanks to its 6 layers carbon fiber and anodized aluminum construction, this is kept light yet strong enough to hold up to 5KG of load.

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  3. Ifootage Mini Crane M5

    Ifootage Mini Crane M5

    Rp 3.160.000,00


    Extended Length: 200cm
    Folded Length: 95cm
    Tube Diameter: 30mm
    Maximum Radius: 120cm
    Tilt Length: 210cm
    Max Load: 8kg
    Weight: 2kg

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  4. Ifootage Mogopod monopod

    Ifootage Mogopod monopod

    Rp 1.425.000,00


    • Minimum Length: 77cm
    • Maximum length: 165cm 
    • Weight: 1.11kg
    • Maximum payload: 3.5kg
    • EI-717AH
    • Material: Ma/Alum Alloy
    • Head Height: 115mm(4.5Inch)
    • Tilt Range: -75°/+90°
    • Pan Range: 360°
    • Net Weight: 1050g (2.3Lbs)
    • Head Attachment Fitting: 3/8″for tripod. 1/4″ & 3/8″ for video camera
    • Max. Loading Capacity: 6kg(13.2Lbs)Supplied with Telescopic Pan Bar
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  5. Ifootage Shark Slider S1

    Ifootage Shark Slider S1

    Rp 7.077.500,00
    Package Includes:

    1 x Main Section
    4 x Leg Supports
    1 x Weight Pulley 
    2 x Carbon Fiber Extension Tubes
    2 x S3M Belt
    1 x Bag
    1 x 3/8 Screw Adapter

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  6. Ifootage Wildcat

    Ifootage Wildcat

    Rp 5.600.000,00

    Package Includes:
    Bag Main section,
    Counterweight Quick release,

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6 Products

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