Ifootage Mini Crane M5

Last Modified: 4 Mei 2014
Rp 3.160.000,00

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Extended Length: 200cm
Folded Length: 95cm
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Maximum Radius: 120cm
Tilt Length: 210cm
Max Load: 8kg
Weight: 2kg

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The iFootage Mini M5 is a portable crane made for photography and video hobbyists and professionals. It is lightweight, compact and easy to install. The quick adjustable functions help the versatile situations one can use this in.

It is made with precise 6 Layered Carbon Fibre Sections, with CNC machined high quality anodised aluminium, which makes this a strong support and increases durability. CNC machined aluminium enhances rigidity of the surface and abrasion resistance, makes it a larger working scope and gives it a longer working life. The screws are made with SUS steel, which has less issue with rusting under severe environments. Working under wet, cold, hot conditions is not a problem.

Comes with Main section, Rear section, Section joint, Counter Weight Clamp, Clamp Lever, Hand Grip, Hook, Hex keys, Carry Bag, 3/8 Adapter.

Additional Information

Weight 2000.0000
Warranty No
Product Status New
Dimensions No